6 Overlooked Tasks When Moving Your Business

The primary reasons for moving your business might include workforce issues, to reach new markets, to upgrade or expand facilities, to lower costs, or quality of life considerations. Whatever your reason for moving, you know there is a lot to do. In our last article, we talked about the critical task of taking care of your customers. Here are six important tasks to remember when making the move.

Change your address – everywhere: we mentioned this briefly in our last article. The internet brings a whole new set of listings you must change for your business. In addition to your website and social pages, be sure to change your Google Places, Yelp, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, AngiesList, industry organizations, and your chamber of commerce listing.

Marketing materials: every piece of your marketing collateral will need updating. The obvious items are printed materials like business cards, letterhead, flyers and brochures. Be sure to revise all your email templates and autoresponders, email signatures, and social media company pages like LinkedIn and Facebook. And don’t forget to notify the post office.

Automatic payments: your business credit cards will need to be updated with your new address. Take this one step further and check all the places that charge your cards automatically such as online software or hosting. If the addresses don’t match the charge will not be processed.

Vendors need to know: notify your vendors at least one month before your move. Confirm your shipping and billing address information with all your suppliers, specifically those who only deliver or provide service to you occasionally.

Upgrade equipment: take advantage of this opportunity to evaluate your office equipment. Moving an old, outdated piece of equipment may not be worth it. Donate any old equipment or items you won’t need in the new location. Consider recycling them or donating them to a local school or charity.

Tame your cable jungle: every device in your office has at least one cable or power cord associated with it. Make life simple in your new space by getting large zip lock bags to store them for the move. Disconnect one device or computer at a time and put all the cables for that device in one bag. Label the bag and keep all the bags in one container if possible. Cords and cables can be damaged or lost in a move so take the time to pack them.

If moving your business seems overwhelming, give us a call. We can help take the stress out of your move and get you back in business quickly.

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