Moving Your Business? Don’t Forget Your Customers!

Moving your business is a major undertaking.  Finding a suitable location, changing all the utilities, calling Good Stuff Movers, packing files and furnishings. The to-do list seems endless. Sometimes the most important task can get overlooked in the chaos – taking care of your customers. Managing their expectations will make your move easier for you and them.  And the better prepared your are, the better chance you have of minimizing the overall impact on your business.

Expect a few bumps in the road

Reality check: no move is completely bump-free. Most go smoothly, but some things are simply not within your control. The weather turns bad, a utility company misses a deadline, or your checklist was short a few items. Big company or small business, it’s best to anticipate those bumps and create a contingency plan to address the issue. You will reduce your stress and show preparedness to your customers giving them a sense of confidence in your business.

Communicate with your customers

OK, this tip is a given.  But you’d be surprised by how many companies miss the mark. Set expectations early by letting your customers know that your business may not be reachable the day of the move, and possibly for a day or two before and after.  Whenever possible, arrange a temporary base of operations where calls and emails are redirected until you get settled in the new location. A perceived lack of service can have a negative impact on your business and drive customers away.  And remember that being transparent with your customers builds trust.  

Manage the changes

Change is unsettling for your customers. Wherever possible, minimize the changes that come with the relocation. And be sure to communicate your commitment to minimizing the changes. Put a positive light on every aspect of the changes to emphasize how they will improve the customer experience overall. Social media is a valuable tool to manage expectations and keep your customers informed of changes and updates. Their real-time communication gives you the advantage of managing expectations and minimizing impact.  And don’t forget to update all the places you can be found online like your website, social pages, online directories, Google or anywhere you are mentioned online.

Taking extra care of your customers during your business move will ensure that they remain customers for the long term.  We know firsthand. We take extra care of our customers during their move, and we can take extra care of you, too.

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