Pack Your Kitchen Like A Pro

The kitchen is one room in your house that requires extra attention during a move. From fine china, crystal and ceramic to coffee makers, mixers and cutlery, these items need to be packed properly to protect them during the move. If you are planning the do-it-yourself approach to packing, follow these packing tips for getting the job done like a pro.

Crystal and fine china

Every piece of china or crystal must be wrapped individually, including plates. Purchase plain packing paper in sheets or rolls as the first layer. Add a second layer of newspaper, bubble wrap or foam over the first layer to ensure the piece is securely wrapped. Newspaper as the first layer will leave behind the newsprint or ink on your china and it will need to be washed thoroughly before using. Avoid stacking plates on top of one another. Instead, stand pre-wrapped plates on edge in the box with a thick layer padding on the bottom.

A great option for packing stem and glassware is to purchase pre-sectioned boxes. Wrap each piece in plain paper and put it in its own compartment for maximum protection. Be sure to add a layer of padding on the bottom of the box before loading it. Using your kitchen towels to cushion the bottom will take care of two packing tasks at once and save money on packing supplies.

Pots, pans and odd-shaped items

Stacking pots and pans according to size will work well. Wrap each pot first to prevent scratching. Add foam paper or bubble wrap in between each pan to further prevent damage. Fill extra space around the pots with crumpled paper for a snug fit.

The theme for kitchen items is to wrap them individually, so the same rule applies to odd-shaped items like pitchers, serving, gravy and punch bowls, and pieces that cannot be nested or stacked. Pack these odd shaped items in separate boxes by themselves to avoid damage. Cover your silverware with plastic wrap and a thick layer of newspaper or bubble wrap to secure the items.

For cutlery, use cardboard or purchase knife shields to cover all the sharp edges of the blades. Follow with plastic wrap and a thick layer of newspaper to finish the packaging.

Small appliances

Some appliances include sharp blades such as blenders and food processors. Remove the blades and use the same packing method as for cutlery. Each base or motor should be wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent damage. You can place multiple bases in one box but be sure to use extra padding in between each item. Just be careful not to over-pack the box. Too much weight will make it harder to lift and move. Again, fill extra space around the bases with crumpled paper to ensure a snug fit.

If you decide that you need help with all this packing, give us a call. We can make it easy and affordable for any budget.

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