How to Prepare Your Pet for Moving Day

While there is a lot of excitement and anticipation that comes with moving, there is also an equal amount of stress and anxiety that comes with it too. If you’re moving with pets, this stress can really take a toll on your companion. With a certain amount of preparation and precaution, you can make the move easier for your pet and get them settled into their new digs in no time. Keep reading to learn tips on how to prepare your pet for moving day!

Consult With Your Veterinarian

If you’re moving to a new town, make sure to schedule an appointment with your vet to tie up any loose ends. This includes taking records and prescriptions your pet’s new vet will need. We also recommend asking your current vet for a referral in your new town. It’s a small world and you’d be wise to use these connections if possible!

Educate Yourself on State and Local Laws

A new town equals new rules. Make sure to check with the City Clerk’s office for local ordinances well in advance of your move. In a similar vein, make sure you have updated health certificates, rabies tags, and permits for your pet before you move.

Pack Your Pet an Overnight Kit

Packing an overnight kit for your pet will make things easier for you and whoever is primarily taking care of your pet while you focus on your move. Here is what we recommend packing in your pet’s overnight kit. Depending on your companion (dog, cat, reptile, rodent) some of these items may not apply.

  • Food
  • Kitty litter
  • Toys
  • Grooming tools
  • Blankets

What to Do On Moving Day

We highly recommend leaving your pet with a friend or at a kennel for the day. Believe it or not, the move will probably be more psychologically stressful on your pet than on you. Ensuring that your pet is in a quiet, non-chaotic space will reduce their anxiety. If they must come with you on moving day, designate a quiet area for them. This will make things easier on you and your pets. Depending on the distance of your move, we recommend moving your household items before welcome your pet into your new home. It will be easier for them to adjust if a room or two have furniture in it. This is also where that overnight pack will come in handy!

We also recommend taking them in your own car, if possible. Putting a blanket over their carrier will also help reduce stress caused by the change in environment. And do not open their carrier until they are secure in your new house. This will prevent them from immediately running away out of fear for their surroundings and getting lost.

Update Identification Tags & Microchips

Immediately after you move, make sure to update your pet’s tags and microchips with your new address and phone number. This should be a no-brainer! Pet for Moving Day

Mission Accomplished: You’ve Prepared Your Pet for Moving Day

You’ve met with your veterinarian one last time, you’ve studied local ordinances for your new town, and made arrangements for your pet on moving day. Moving can be hard, especially with pets! We hope these tips help soothe you and your pet’s anxiety about moving day and that you settle into your new home with ease!

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