Graduation and Moving Home

Spring is always a wonderful time of year, but for some students it is extra exciting. If you are graduating from college this spring, congratulations to you! Graduation marks the achievement of a great accomplishment, and the beginning of the “real world.” If you are particularly lucky, you might land a job right away. If you are one of the many grads without such luck, you may have to wait a while. That leads me to the topic of this post: where are you going to live if you cannot yet afford a place of your own?

There is a good chance the answer to that question is with the parents. Returning home after 4 years away may be challenging at best, however we have some great tips to make it easier on you and your parents.

  1. Figure out the financial details right away. Will you be living rent free, or paying a set amount per month? Will you be contributing to utility or food expenses? By discussing this up front, you will avoid awkward conversations later.
  2. Agree on household rules. What are you responsible for while at home? If your parents are letting you move back in, expect to contribute in more ways than one. Will there be a curfew? You may laugh at the thought, but your mother may not appreciate you fumbling through the house at 3 am.
  3. Do not expect all of the freedom you experienced while living on your own, but do expect a certain level of privacy. Discuss your expectations and your parent’s expectations.

Communication is key when moving home. Your stay will be the most pleasant if everyone agrees on major topics before you move in. Make sure you and your parents are on the same page, and then enjoy that family time!

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