Did you know there are many different ways to hire Good Stuff Moving? Here are five of the most popular ways!

1) Furniture Only

Have Good Stuff Moving move your big heavy furniture. We show up, you tell us which furniture items you need moved where and in what order, we will move them, and then you are on your way!

Most cost effective option

2) Furniture and Boxes Only

Pack your household goods into boxes and move the small / misc. items over yourself. (i.e. plants, lamps, pictures, toys, garage items, etc… anything that can fit into your vehicle! )

Have Good Stuff Moving move your furniture and boxes only.

Most popular…this option is great for college students moving into their first apartment or back home for the summer!

3) Everything moved

Pack your goods into boxes and have Good Stuff Moving move everything in your house.
Less work for you…all you need to do is pack, label, and then tell us where everything goes!

4) You don’t lift a finger!

Have Good Stuff Moving complete a full service pack and move for you.

  • Day 1 we come over and pack all of your goods into boxes, and prepare your items to be moved.
  • Day 2 we move everything into your new home.

Special rates apply. Must have an onsite estimate done.

Almost no work for you…you manage small details; we take care of the big ones!

5) Labor only

Hire Good Stuff Moving to load or unload your truck.

Great option for people moving in from out of town.  This saves you time and we do the heavy lifting!

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