Moving to Rochester Minnesota

What You Need to Know About Rochester ranked Rochester at the #1 place to live on their list of Top 100 Best Places to Live. This is no surprise since Rochester has been climbing the list since 2014 and they landed at the top this year with good merit. Rochester is suited to fit just over 100,000 people, and right now it is busting at the seams. Located about an hour southeast of the Twin Cities, Rochester is known for having great schools, healthy civil engagement, an affordable housing market, its own international airport and last but not least — the Mayo Clinic, what’s not to like? All of this equates to a huge economic boom occurring in Rochester and it appears to not be slowing down anytime soon.source:

Major Employer Mayo Receives a Grant

Just this week, the Mayo Clinic got $142 Million for Precision Medicine Biobank which they plan to use to build the world’s largest biobank over an estimated 5-year period with at least one million volunteers.

Why Mayo is the Rhyme and Reason for the Economic Boom

Rochester is such a great place to live mostly due to the presence of the world renowned Mayo Clinic. It’s fair to say that Mayo is almost solely responsible for the vast economic growth that has occurred and is continuing to happen because they employ over 30,000 people in Rochester. With such a strong employment presence brought with it a strong economy, tourism and a diverse culture.

What’s Happening in Downtown Rochester

The University of Minnesota is also planning on expanding their Rochester campus and this will create a demand for more student housing. This influx of young adults has created a vibrant scene in Downtown Rochester, with food trucks, live bands, and restaurants with rooftop seating.

It sounds like Rochester is giving Minneapolis a run for its money as the city to live in Minnesota. If you’re looking to move closer to Rochester or want to return back to the cities, Good Stuff Moving can give you a hand – call or email us for a quote.

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