Tips for College Move-In Day

With the school year approaching, we thought it was important to go over tips for moving your son or daughter into their college dorm. Whether you’re dreading this day, or welcoming it with open arms and anticipation – the day will come and it’s better to be prepared and have these tips in the back of your mind of the big day.

By now, the housing form and meal plan has been submitted and roommate(s) assigned and the next step is deciding what to bring and what to leave behind.

Connect with the Roommate

Most colleges today create class Facebook groups for students of the same year to connect with each other. This makes it really easy to connect with roommates, which can be both good and bad. While advancements in social media have taken away pretty much any surprise in “getting to know” your roommate, the ability to instantly connect and exchange information with them is worth it. This is the first step in figuring out what big items your child needs to bring (i.e. mini fridge, microwave, TV, Keurig etc.) It’s also good to know if your child or their roommate is planning to loft their bed or not so you can prepare for this on move-in day.

Repeat After Me: Pack Only What You Need

Dorms can only be so big, even if your child is moving into a recently renovated building on campus that claims to have extra-large sized dorms, the reality is they will be sharing a small space with someone they likely don’t know, and showing up with every belonging they own is unreasonable. Dorms are furnished, so there’s no need be concerned with purchasing a dresser, desk or bed. And if you’re bringing your child from out-of-state or far away, you can purchase things like sheets and towels at a store like Target or Wal-Mart nearby (as long as one exists – make sure to check beforehand since this is not only the case.)

If your child is going to school in a climate that has all four seasons, or in Minnesota where winter dominates most of the school year – make sure your child is prepared for this.

What to Do On College Move In Day

One tool required for move-in day is patience, both with your child and other families going through the exact same process as you are. While it is a big day as a parent, your child’s head is swarming with a million thoughts as well and a large fear of the unknown. While it’s definitely necessary to have a few helping hands bring things up to the dorm, your child should be able to manage unpacking and organizing since it will be their space for the next 10 months.

Although college dorm move-ins are self-managed, we at Good Stuff Moving felt it was important to pass on these tips and we wish you and your children the best of luck as they prepare for move-in day and embrace this new chapter!

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