Conserve Heat & Money This Winter

With Minnesota being notorious for having a 9-month long winter, having a reliable heating system in your home is imperative. If you’ve noticed your house is still cold despite turning your heat on high, and a subsequently expensive energy bill – it may be time to make adjustments in your home. Below we’ll give tips on how to go about fixing your heating problem – either on your own or with the help of a professional!

Get a Professional Opinion

Consider hiring a professional energy audit to evaluate your home if you feel your heating is not working as it should. This could be a good investment if you’re not sure how to manage your heating problem, but hiring an energy auditor can be expensive. Their service ranges from $300-$800, and their renovation suggestions may cost even more! If this is out of your price range, there are other options available.

State-Funded Weatherization Assistance

Before you hire an energy auditor or try to tackle the problem on your own, check if you qualify for state-funded weatherization assistance through WAPTAC. This financial assistance program helps families (and renters) who cannot afford an energy auditor energy-saving renovations.

DIY Heating Fix

If you can’t afford an energy audit and you don’t qualify for state-funded assistance, it’s time to consider taking the DIY route. Here are some tips on how to get more value out of your heat this winter:

  • Reduce drafts with foam sealant for larger gaps or use caulking/weather stripping for smaller leaks
  • Close/cover kitchen exhaust fans and fireplace flues when not in use, to keep cold air out
  • Invest in storm windows and doors to reduce drafts. These may be expensive, but they will keep heat in and add value to your home. Reducing drafts can save 5-30% on your energy bill.
  • If you live in an older home, it may be time to add more insulation to your walls.
  • Check for leaky air ducts
  • Change your ceiling fan’s direction – make sure the blades are spinning clockwise to pull air up and circulate warm air.
  • Have an HVAC contractor to regularly inspect your heating system each season.

Stay Warm This Winter

When it comes to improving the heating system in your home, some options can be pricey. But fortunately, there are different ways to get a cozy home this winter. Whether you call a professional, look into state funding or take on a DIY project, we hope you and your family are able to stay warm this upcoming winter!

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