Need “Labor Only” Movers?

Stack of moving boxes in home.

Are you planning a St. Paul move but you only need help with the labor? Did you know that Good Stuff Moving offers 5 convenient ways to hire us for transporting your belongings from one home to the next—and one of these options is labor only?

Can I Hire Movers Just to Load a Truck?

Yes, you can! Our “labor only” moving service is perfect for those who need help with the heavy lifting, but already have a truck or container for transportation. Our service is designed to help you save time and money  while avoiding the physical strain of lifting and carrying heavy boxes and furniture.

With our crew it’s easy to request a quote for labor only moves so you can relax and get on with the rest of your relocation plans. Whether you’re moving your home or business, you can benefit from this service.

How Do Labor Only Movers Work?

Here’s a breakdown of what’s involved in our “labor only” service so you can plan and prepare for the big day with confidence. 

Step 1: Contact Good Stuff Moving and request a “labor only” service. We make it easy to do this online, but if you have questions or want to speak to our team, you can call us directly at 651.488.4808. We’re always here to help! We just need to know a little information about your move so we can get you the most accurate quote possible.

Step 2. Our team will be in contact with you to finalize your quote and schedule a moving day and time for our labor only movers to arrive.

Step 3. Prepare your belongings by packing them securely in boxes, labeling them, and making sure they’re ready to be loaded onto the truck.

Psst…if you don’t want to pack/unpack, we offer that service, too! 

Step 4. On the day of the move, our labor only movers will arrive and get straight to work. They’ll carefully load your belongings onto the truck, making sure everything is secure and properly packed.

Step 5. Once the truck is loaded, our movers will be on their way. Just remember that means you’ll be responsible for driving the truck to your new destination.

Need help unloading the truck when you get there? Our team can meet you at your destination and move your belongings into your new home! 

How Much Do Labor Only Movers Cost?

It’s important to note that “labor only” moves are typically less expensive than full-service moves, as you’re only paying for the labor involved in loading your belongings onto the truck. Of course, depending on what you’re planning to move and the equipment involved (let’s say a grand piano), the cost can vary. Or if you only need furniture moved, we have an option for that, too.

The best way to get the most accurate, affordable quote is to request one from us today!

Benefits of Hiring Good Stuff Moving for Labor Only Moves

Besides our proven track record of happy customers, reliable trucks and equipment, and experienced moving crew, you can expect us to perform a variety of professional moving services that fit your needs, budget, preferences. 

Unlike labor “only” movers, we offer this option in addition to 4 other ways to move. That means if you change your mind and discover you need help packing or feel uncomfortable driving a 20+ foot truck from one state to the next, you can let us know, and we’ll update the plan to include the services you need. 

If you hired a labor “only” mover, you’d have to pay them and then hire another company to perform the rest of the work. That sounds like a lot of hassle and a lot of wasted cash, right?

Instead, you can save more and experience quality moving services with one call to our team.

Where Can I Find Labor Only Movers Near Me?

Proudly serving the Twin Cities Metro area, Good Stuff Moving can help you plan your next move with ease and affordability. 

Whether you choose labor only or one of our other convenient moving options, we’ve got you covered!

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