Insider Tips: Pack to Protect Your Valuables

Packing your valuables

Packing your valuables

Don’t you sometimes wish you knew how to pack like a pro?  Packing clothes, books and toys into boxes is pretty simple to do without having to worry about damage.  But what about that heirloom vase that belonged to Grandma or the large family photo over the sofa? When it comes to the most valuable items in your home packing them properly is crucial.  We’ve decided to share a few insider tips on how to pack like a professional to move your most valuable possessions.

Boxes Are Tools Too

As with any job the right tools will make the job easier. We recommend making the investment to purchase specialty boxes for those odd shaped, delicate and valuable items.  For example a flat-screen TV can be packed in a specialty box that has padding to keep the screen safe. The cost of a specialty box might seem a bit high but it’s probably cheaper than replacing your television. The same goes for items like stemware which is particularly hard to pack. Again, specialty boxes or boxes with cellular dividers are the best option. Bubble wrap is your best friend when it comes to packing delicate or fragile items.  When it comes to the items that are most important to you we recommend investing in the specialty supplies that will help you rest easy on moving day.   That’s how we do it too.

Pack It Right

Our insider tip for packing fine china is to pack in several layers of paper or thin bubble wrap and place them in the box on their edge.  Do not stack plates or put them flat side down. They are less likely to shatter when packed straight up. Always test your packing job on boxes containing fragile things by gently shaking it as you pack. Contents should have a snug fit in the box.  Be sure to add more padding if the contents move at all.  When it comes to closing the box taping them shut is the best practice to secure the contents. One final thought: fill boxes to the top to avoid a cave in during the move.  That’s how we do it too.

Big Items, Big Job

Our insider tip for moving anything under glass such as pictures or mirrors is to use masking or painter’s tape to make a large X across the glass. The tape makes the glass more stable and helps to prevent shattering.  But what about the really big stuff?  Moving large items like a piano, chandelier or gun safe are best left to a professional.  Special wooden crates, strapping and dollies make the job easier and keep the item safe.  That’s how we do it.

The challenges of moving are many if you have valuable or large items that require extra attention. We hope these insider tips make your packing adventures a little easier. And if you need supplies or have questions we are always here to help.

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