Important Rental Tips for Apartment Dwellers

The most common time of year for American’s to move is between May and September. This means that your lease will be up before you know it! And if you’re currently renting, it’s common for reality companies to require 2 months notice to vacate. If you don’t give the proper amount of notice, could end up having to pay a hefty fee. So we wanted to share some rental tips for apartment dwellers because it’s so important to be on top of things to avoid these unnecessary fees if you’re renting.

Top 4 Rental Tips for Apartment Dwellers

1. Take a fresh look at your rental agreement/s. It has probably been a while since the last time you reviewed these important, binding, documents. Remind yourself of the terms and conditions you agreed to, so nothing comes as a surprise. Also, keep your contracts in a safe place in case you need to double-check monthly charges. Due to the large volume of tenants and properties, a leasing office may manage, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks.
Example: When I went to pay for my garage lease, which is separate from my apartment lease, I noticed that the start date the leasing office has put into the computer was off by 2 months. I checked my signed contract to double-check and I calculated I had been charged an extra month. By having my contract readily available I was able to easily take care of this issue with my landlord.

2. One of the most important rental tips for apartment dwellers is to plan ahead. For example, if you’re moving this upcoming May or June, check how much vacancy notice you have to give your landlord. I need to give 2 months notice, so by April I need to have figured out,  should I stay or should I go. And with the current temperature outside, May/June probably seems far away but it will be here before you know it.

3. Start looking at properties now, so you have a list in mind for when Although there are many apartment complexes in the Twin Cities, the availability is limited and the market is competitive.

4. Last, but certainly not lease — give Good Stuff Moving a call! We’ll even help you pack your things up before your move! 

Benefits of Apartment Living

If you’re currently renting an apartment, and are planning to move to another one this year, we hope you keep these tips and our phone number in your back pocket as you plan your move! Living in an apartment can relieve you of a lot of the duties that come with living in a home. But no matter which you choose to live in, Good Stuff Moving will help you get there!

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