Spring Cleaning Brings the Opportunity for Decluttering

Are you feeling the need to seriously declutter this spring?  Perhaps you are planning a move or maybe just staying in place.  We found some great resources to attack decluttering with a vengeance.

Marni Jameson brings together 20 Tips to Declutter Your Home in a recent AARP article. She recommends starting in the attic and going room by room with great ideas for making decisions on things we all hold on to just a little too long.

Time to Organize has donation and resource page for everything Twin Cities – donating, recycling, selling, consigning and disposal.  This is a great resource that you’ll want to Bookmark for future reference.

A go-to place for furniture and household item repurposing is Bridging.  With 2 locations and pick-up schedule it’s easy to help our folks trying to get a fresh start.  This is also a wonderful organization to volunteer for – they make it easy.

There we go – 3 quick tips (we didn’t want to create more clutter).  We hope you have a successful spring cleanse.



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