Top 4 Downsizing Tips

In our previous blog article, we discussed the Tiny House Trend. We’re following in a similar pattern this week by discussing the top 4 tips when it comes to downsizing. People downsize for all different reasons, whether you’re newly empty nested or realize you have too much space and want to save money by living in a small space. Whatever your reason is for downsizing, you can put these 4 tips in to action the next time you decide to make the move to a smaller home or apartment.

1.    Prepare for Your Move Financially

The first step when downsizing, is answering the main question “What reason am I doing this?” Moving isn’t easy, so when people decide to do so they generally have a pretty good reason. This is especially true when you’re downsizing because it means you have to get rid of a lot of things you don’t plan on bringing to your new home.

2.    Prepare Your Home for Downsizing

This can be especially challenging for homeowners who have live in the same house for many years. Things get accumulated over the years, and even after they have served their purpose they gain sentimental value. It’s important to be objective when going through your home and consider how much sentimental value something really haves. Also consider if it’s something you keep on display, or if it’s been in your closet the whole time and has just been re-discovered. If the latter is the case, the nostalgia will likely wear off quickly and you’ll be okay to get rid of it.

3.    Stay Organized

When packing your things that are ‘must-takes’ remember to be organized when packing up and do things like label your boxes or use clear plastic bins. Not doing so can create a lot more work than expected when it comes time to un-pack.

4.    Your New Floor Plans Are Your Friends

One guarantee that comes with downsizing is that you have to get rid of many of your belongings because you’ll be living in a smaller space than you’re currently in. Because of this, all of your belongings won’t fit and some of your furniture may not either. To make sure everything you’re bringing with you fits, use your new floor plans and compare the measurements of your furniture. This will save time, money and frustration when moving day comes and you realize your beloved sectional doesn’t make the cut anymore.

Whether you decide it’s time to downsize for financial, personal or environmental reasons, it can be an exciting, but stressful time as with any move. When making a change like this, it’s important to check that you have the tools necessary before jumping in too quick. Downsizing can be a great way to free yourself of the burden of too many “things” and allow you to live a simpler life.

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