7 Minnesota Winter Moving Tips 

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Moving during a Minnesota winter can be daunting! But it can be a smooth process with the right preparation, tools, and movers. Let’s look at the biggest hurdles surrounding winter moving and how you can alleviate them with the right professionals. 

Tips for Moving in the Winter 

Moving any time of the year is a big job with so many details to cover. But add the cold, wet wonderland of driveway snowdrifts and icy roads, and you’ll find moving in winter can be challenging. 

1. Decide Do-It-Yourself or Professionals

When moving in the winter, consider whether you need to hire a moving company. If you are leaning towards a self-move, consider the size of the truck you will need and the conditions on the ground during your move. The bigger the truck, the harder they slide.

Most auto insurance policies will not insure a rented moving truck that weighs over one ton, which most moving trucks do. Therefore, you will need to purchase insurance through the truck rental company. If the truck doesn’t have snow chains, you may have to rent and install them yourself.

When parking your car, truck, or van, read nearby signs to ensure you’re not parking on a scheduled snowplow route. The last thing you want is to load or unload heaving boxes in feet of slushy snow. 

2. Clear Outside Areas From Snow & Slush 

Prep driveways, entryways, and footpaths for the move. You will need shovels, ice picks, and salt to clear and prep your path in and out of the house. 

A conscientious moving company will bring all the necessary tools and materials to clear and prep your pathways for safety. A slip and fall on your property could become your liability.

Clear your new home or residential property’s walkways, sidewalks, and streets ahead of time to avoid issues during unloading. 

And since it gets darker earlier, check that you have enough exterior lighting to make unloading easier, especially if you’re moving later in the day. 

Good Stuff Moving can clear your walkways of snow and salt them for safety free of charge to customers who use their moving services. 

3. Shield High-Traffic Areas Inside

You’ll want to protect your carpets and floors from all that dirty slush and salt being tracked in and out during the moving process. Place floor mats at entry points and use plastic tarp over wood or tile floors. For carpeted areas, protect them with cardboard. 

A professional moving company, such as Good Stuff Moving, will provide and lay down floor and carpet shields free of charge for their customers. 

4. Protect Your Possessions From the Cold 

Exposure to extreme cold can damage virtually all household items. Wood furniture can warp; glass can become brittle and shatter. Ask your moving company to wrap these items for protection from the cold. 

5. Keep Winter Wear Handy 

Because weather conditions can change quickly, set aside a box of winter weather apparel for Moving Day, including gloves and blankets. Add to that box a change of dry clothes for each family member.

If you’re moving a long distance, stock your car with winter essentials, including pocket hand warmers, ice scrapers,  snow shovels, working jumper cables, a well-stocked first aid kit, and extra blankets or jackets. 

6. Turn Utilities On

Double-check that your utilities (i.e., heat, water, and electricity) are turned on and working two days before you move in. Being proactive about this eliminates the possibility of moving into a cold, dark space, which isn’t just uncomfortable for you but can damage your belongings. 

7. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Watch the weather forecasts the week leading up to Moving Day. If a particularly nasty snow or sleet storm is coming in, you may need to move your start time or postpone your move altogether. When you hire a professional moving company, ask them about their rescheduling policies and make a plan together.

The Key Takeaway: Moving in the winter can be challenging and dangerous, especially if you do it yourself. Shoveling and salt walkways, protecting floors from sludge, and keeping your valuables from being damaged by the cold is a big job on top of packing and unpacking all your belongings. The process gets much easier when you hire a professional moving company! 

The Benefit of Moving in the Winter 

Most people avoid moving in the rain, snow, sleet, and ice, yet sometimes we have no choice. But, believe it or not, there are some advantages to moving in the winter!

January and February can be the best time of year to move, especially if you can move in the middle of the month. Because these months are slow for relocations, Good Stuff Moving offers excellent rates and can assist you in your move for less money than you might think.

Remember that Good Stuff Moving’s priority is to please the customer. We take great pride in carefully handling your valuables and ensuring the move is successful and smooth.

Woman holding a box full of belongings while moving in the winter.

Need to Move This Winter? 

Winter moves can be tricky, but they can be painless and quick with the right team of professional movers. Our experienced movers and trained customer service representatives will aid you in packing, transporting, and moving your belongings in Minnesota or across the US.

Good Stuff Moving has successfully moved thousands of families and businesses over the last 24 winters. Why not call for a free, no-obligation quote? Fill out our online form or call us at 651.488.4808 or toll-free at 866.908.4808. No matter the weather conditions, we can make your moving experience great! 

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