Finding a Doctor When You Are New in Town

Finding New Healthcare Feels Challenging

With moving comes an abundance of other changes that we may not be prepared for until the time comes. One of the major switches people who are moving must make is find a new health care provider. Whether this is a pediatrician for children or a primary care doctor for adults. This can be especially challenging if you had a longstanding relationship with your previous health care provider. Going to the same primary health care provider for a number of years’ builds trust between them and the patient. Having to find a health care provider who seems equally qualified, knowledgeable and personable as your old provider can be certainly be challenging. We’ve provided some tips below to hopefully make your search for a new health care provider a bit simpler.

Far from Home, But Staying in Network

Our first recommendation when looking for a new health care provider would be to look for a doctor who is in your insurance network. Practically speaking this saves you a lot of money, compared to going out of network that can be very expensive. You can call your insurance provider and they will assist you in locating health care providers in your area and in your network. If you are having a difficult time finding a provider who is in your network, it may be wise to switch to a plan that is suited better for your new area. If you are uninsured, we recommend locating your nearest community health clinic.

What’s Up Doc?

Before you skip town, another great resource in finding a new doctor could be your old one! They may know of a clinic in your new area or have a colleague in your area who they could refer you to. Your previous health care provider’s office may be able to refer you to a provider in your area who is in your network.

Phone a Friend (or family member)

If you have friends, family members or co-workers in your new town, we recommend looking to them for advice on finding a new health care provider. They will be able to tell you about a practitioner’s bedside manner or how smoothly they felt the clinic ran (was it easy to schedule an appointment, how long was the wait time etc.) Your friends, family members and co-workers will be able to provide insight that you may not find during your online research or reviews.

A move can be a tough transition and host unexpected challenges, and we hope these tips will help you find a suitable health care provider during your next move.  If you’ve just arrived in Minnesota, welcome – you are surrounded by great health care options.


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