Why the Grass is Greener with an Eco-Friendly Lawn

How to Manage an Eco-Friendly Lawn?

Sometimes when people finish the process of moving from one home to another, they may end up neglecting a major part of the exterior of their property – their lawn! Often times homeowners turn to fertilizer with harsh pesticides rather than eco-friendly products because they think it will give them the lush green lawn they hoped for in a short amount of time for. But these results are temporary and having a lasting negative effect on your health. Despite what many homeowners think, it is possible to have an abundantly green lawn while at the same time using health-friendly ingredients that don’t cost an arm in a leg. We checked out some tips from Rodale’s Organic Life on how to have a beautiful, pesticide-free law.

Rodale’s Top Six Healthy Lawn Tips

Their top six tips are: Thicken your lawn, feed with compost, water wisely, cut high, leave the clippings and lastly feed responsibly. In today’s blog post we’re going to focus on that last tip listed – feed responsibly.

Chemical-Free Options

The Lawn Doctor offers natural and organize lawn care solutions that use no synthetic chemicals or man-made materials. They also have Annual Natural Lawn Care Plans, which can be great for homeowners who have recently moved and are settling into their new home. “Through Natural Lawn Care, our experts will develop a fully-custom program for your property, with fertilization carefully fine-tuned for local growing conditions and the exact species of grass your lawn is composed of.” By having this eco-friendly system in place, there is one less thing to worry about including the damaging health effects of pesticides such as certain cancers, nervous system disorders and other illnesses.

Enjoy your lawn and the beautiful Minnesota weather ahead!  Happy Summer from Good Stuff Moving!

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