Home Is Where the Heart Is

A common saying that has a lot of truth to it. Our homes are special places in which we can usually be completely ourselves. There is often history and memories associated with our homes. It doesn’t matter what makes your house (or apartment, townhouse etc.) your home because its your own home and no ones else.

Moving to a house can be difficult, not just because of the hassle and time, but also because you are forced to make your new house into your new home. It’s easy for some who are excited by their new houses, ready for the much needed move and there house quickly becomes their home. But, for some, making their new house their home is much harder than the moving process itself

Children, pets, adults can all struggle with this. With all change that is hard, the important thing to do is take time to mourn your loss. You probably have great memories that can never be replicated, don’t forget them. Don’t try to forget your old home either, or even try to. Take something that will remind you of your old home to remember it by and make sure you still have pictures taken there. As hard at it might seem in the moment just try and remember change happens. The best thing you can do is give yourself time and them move on

How do you move on?  Find something new and fun to do at your new house. Can you take on a decorating role? do you have a new bed you get to sleep in? what are the perks of the move? Focus on these for awhile and think of the move as an adventure. Soon, before you know it your new house will begin to feel like a home. Life goes on and what can seem like a hard thing at the moment can often turn into a good thing.

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