Unpacking After a Long Distance Move

During the cold winter months, we shift our focus to long distance moves. We understand that fewer people are moving within Minnesota and the surrounding areas because of the weather.  Unpacking. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate our immense capabilities each year. If you’re planning on making a long distance move, check out our previous blog for advice on how to get started (Tip #1 – call us for help!)  Or if you’ve just completed a long distance move, keep reading for tips on how to complete the unpacking process with ease!

Start With a Clean Slate

Before you start taking things out of boxes, clean. This will be your only opportunity to clean your new home or apartment with nothing in your way. Hopefully, the previous owners cleaned before they left, but you know the saying – If you want something done right, do it yourself. Giving your new home a fresh vacuum, dusting, and cleaning will make you feel at home and give you the peace of mind that it’s clean.

A Place to Rest Your Head

The first room we suggest setting up and unpacking is your bedroom. Chances are you’re not going to get everything done in one day, and you’re going to be exhausted. Not to sound like your mother, but make your bed! Your body and mind will thank you for having a place to rest after a long day of unpacking.

Note: Save the unpacking of clothes for later. It takes a lot of time and energy to organize a closet, and when you first move into a place that shouldn’t be a top priority.

Unpacking the Necessities

After your bedroom is set up, head to the kitchen. Not only will you be tired, but you’ll be hungry. So to avoided being “hangry,” have your kitchen unpacked. This will also probably eliminate a lot of boxes. And nothing makes you feel more at home than being able to make a midnight snack, right?

Saving the Best For Last: The TV

Your bed is made and your kitchen is set-up. Now it’s time to set up your TV. Setting up your TV and media center can either be a lot of fun or a huge headache. Either way, it’s not as important as having somewhere to sleep and eat so save it for last. Also, setting up your TV first makes you susceptible to the addictive powers of Netflix and causes you to lose your momentum.

Keep a Bag Open for Donations

When you’re unpacking, you may discover things you didn’t mean to bring with you. You may feel less attached to it now that you’ve moved, or realized it doesn’t have a place in your new home. So keep a bag or box on hand for things you’d like to donate.

Settling Into Your New Home

The only thing more stressful than packing to move is unpacking after a move. Boxes covering every square inch of your new home can be overwhelming. The key is to remain calm and organized. We hope these tips will help you unpack with ease, and get you on your way to enjoying your new city soon!

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