Moving a Business?

Business mover looking at inventory and boxed supplies before relocating them to a new location.

Moving your business may sound like a daunting task, but with proper planning and execution, it can be a smooth and stress-free experience.  As the leading business movers in the Twin Cities, we’ve helped many companies—big and small—relocate to new neighborhoods on schedule, on budget, and with greater ease. Along the way, we’ve also picked […]

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Moving Back Home after College

Young female graduate posing for photo while holding diploma.

If you’re one of the many college grads moving back home, you might feel mixed emotions. You’re finally finished with textbooks and studying and ready to start your career.  However, if you’re planning to move in with your parents again, you might wonder how to make the transition easy for everyone—and getting all your stuff […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Apartments in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Young woman labeling boxes before moving apartments in St. Paul, MN.

Apartment leases can creep up on you faster than expected—leading to the unpleasant dilemma of finding a new rental property or renewing with your current landlord. Often, the dread of moving can leave people deciding to stay where they are vs. exploring other exciting community residences.  However, with rental properties often raising rent between renewals, […]

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Moving on a Budget?

Young woman putting cover over couch for upcoming move to Minnesota.

In today’s economy, everyone wants to spend less and save more. But if you’re planning a move, you might wonder how much the total investment will affect your financial situation. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that with some planning and the right Minnesota moving company, you can easily cut costs and […]

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Minnesota Move: Destination, Lakeville

We’ve talked about Minneapolis suburbs, and we’ve talked about Saint Paul suburbs. But what if you can’t pick between the two? Much like a parent who has twins and can’t play favorites, are we with the Twin Cities. So if you’re like us, and love both Minneapolis-Saint Paul equally, follow us to a suburb that is […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your House

At the start of each new year, about half the population makes new year’s resolutions. Most of these are centered around love, health, and happiness. Common examples are losing weight, finding love, or saving money. Not surprisingly, almost no one follows through with their new year’s resolution. Most of the time, the goals are too […]

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Important Rental Tips for Apartment Dwellers

The most common time of year for American’s to move is between May and September. This means that your lease will be up before you know it! And if you’re currently renting, it’s common for reality companies to require 2 months notice to vacate. If you don’t give the proper amount of notice, could end […]

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How to Manage a Holiday Move

It’s a well-known fact that the busy season for moving is the spring and summer. The weather is consistently good and people have more time off during these months to budget time for moving. But moving during the off-peak season, specifically during the holidays, is not unheard of. This can be an especially inconvenient time […]

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Move to Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Cottage Grove, Minnesota is a suburb located 10 miles south of Saint Paul in Washington County. It’s an easy drive to both Saint Paul and Minneapolis! It was recently recognized as the 46th Best Small City in America by WalletHub. To learn more about what makes this small town one of the best in the […]

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Conserve Heat & Money This Winter

With Minnesota being notorious for having a 9-month long winter, having a reliable heating system in your home is imperative. If you’ve noticed your house is still cold despite turning your heat on high, and a subsequently expensive energy bill – it may be time to make adjustments in your home. Below we’ll give tips […]

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